Business cards act as a quick and easy way for business owners to advertise, network, and even forge customer relationships. Unfortunately, the cost of business cards often prevents people from investing in them.

You might be asking, "are there business cards printing near me?" 

Fortunately, Microsoft Word makes it easy to create your own business cards, even if you don't have winning design skills.

Follow these step-by-step business card printing guides for printing your card in no time.

Select the Type of Business Card You Want

Selecting the type of business card you want is the first step when it comes to printing business cards. Depending on your budget and needs, the available options may be:

  • Traditional Cards
  • Full-Color Cards
  • Foil-Stamped
  • Custom-Shaped Cards
  • Magnetic Strips
  • Raised Lettering

Design Business Cards Using Microsoft Word

Once you know what type of card you want, you should start designing the card in Microsoft Word. Then, input all other desired information. Follow these business cards printing advice:

Choose an Available Business Card Template in Microsoft Word

Choose an available business card template in Microsoft Word by clicking 'New' and searching for Business Cards. You can customize the design from here by adding text, images, logos, and shapes.

With this template, you can have a quality business card printed easily and quickly, saving time, money, and stress.

Make My Own Business Card Template Using Microsoft Word

Creating your own business card template using Microsoft Word can be a great way for independent business owners to save money and create something unique.

To get started, open a new document in Word and set it up to the specifications of standard business cards, typically 3.5x2 inches. From here, you can choose standard text fonts, add images, and choose different shape options in order to personalize your business card.

Input Business Information and Contact Details

Be sure to include these details:

  • Your Business Name
  • Your Position
  • Your Contact Information
  • Company Address
  • Social Media Accounts

Include also the services or products your company offers and any unique selling points that will help customers choose you.

Try Business Cards Printing Near Me or Use Own Printer

Once the design is complete, you then can decide if you want to print your cards yourself or if you want to go with a professional printing service. Both options have their benefits and drawbacks. It depends on your particular needs.

Print It Yourself

With no minimum order, you can customize and print your business cards yourself for any purpose. You can choose from a variety of card stocks, finishes, and designs. All of these have no setup fees.

Plus, you can print as many or as few cards as you'd like without sacrificing quality.

Get Professional Printing Services

Professional printing services provide a more refined look, but also cost more than in-house printing. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure to have a high-quality business card that represents your business well.

Follow This Business Cards Printing Tips

Having your own Word document template allows you to customize and freely print as many business cards as needed. When it comes to finding a professional printing service, there are many options available online, as well as local "business cards printing near me" services to choose from.

Try them today and get the cards you need to stand out in the business world.

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